The Sands of Time For Me are Running Low. . .

My name is Eric and I am from San Gabriel California. I blog things such metal, skateboarding, motorcycles, the occasional cager and other shit in between that I'm into. I don't know how to change the title of my ask don't think I'm like that hahaha, I am taken by ❤_❤ :*



What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed?

oh sheet

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I hate when black clothes are a slightly different black and don’t match

we joke but this is an actual thing

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demon:i possessed you
me:get the fuck out
demon:damn...aight...rude ass bitch...i just need a place to stay my girl kicked me out and i aint got no money...
me:shit man, you can stay but don't be spinning my head like an owl and shit
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